FlexITy® presents FlexTEL™, a leading managed business communications solution that provides voice, data, converged, and managed services for businesses and enterprises that need a proven, responsive, cost-effective alternative to the phone and cable monopolies.

FlexTEL business services at a glance

FlexITy is a leading provider of hosted and managed telecommunications services for enterprise business, federal, and provincial governments across Canada. We built our own network – with carrier grade hosted and managed converged communications technology – to bring you the best and most cost-effective hosted and managed converged telecommunications solutions.

Simple and seamless business solutions

FlexITy pioneered carrier grade managed business communications in Canada. In 2006, we introduced the industry’s first communications package that delivered voice services, local with North America flat rate long distance calling, and more… all for one flat rate on a single bill. Today, FlexITy continues to provide simple, seamless solutions for your business through our popular bundles, à la-carte product solutions, or managed solutions that include equipment and more. And we do it, in many cases, for businesses with locations in multiple cities / provinces, on a single bill and with a single point of accountability.

Proven savings and value

We own our telecom equipment assets and are a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) regulated by the CRTC. Consequently, we save you money by bringing competition to the telecommunications marketplace. By housing our state-of-the-art equipment in Canada’s best and most secure carrier hotel, the integrity and survivability of the service is assured.

When FlexITy is compared to stand-alone telecom equipment resellers and integrators that are unable to deliver holistic telecommunications solutions, we are the prudent choice. Why? Because our combination of hosted and managed converged communication, competitive telecom pricing, leading products, and exceptional service provides value not available from those resellers, integrators, or carriers – as we are all three, and more.

Proven customer service

FlexITy does not provide home telecom services. Why? To stay 100% focused on providing the service levels, business value, and communication and collaboration services that are specific to the needs of enterprise. FlexITy has a world-class service organization, with a call center staffed 24 x 7 x 365, integrated back-office provisioning, billing, and customer care systems. This enables us to provide an exceptional customer service experience from service inception to 7 x 24 x 365 operational state.

The FlexITy Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides around-the-clock, comprehensive network monitoring, while our local market response teams stand ready to respond to service issues.

To ensure service continuity and deliver on agreed service levels, FlexITy provides secure on-line support through our Technical Assistance Centre (TAC), where you can manage the features of selected products, check trouble ticket status, view, download, and pay bills, and more.

Proven products and services

FlexTEL offers a comprehensive portfolio of leading voice, data, converged, and managed services for growing and established businesses and enterprises. From basic business lines, local, long distance and conferencing to private line, and Ethernet services. From our popular integrated services to our hosted and managed services, FlexITy has the products businesses need to stay connected and productive.

How FlexTEL works

FlexTEL starts by giving customers all of the traditional voice features they would expect of a business communications tool.

From there, we’ve added advanced capabilities to make customers more productive:

FlexTEL puts you in control:

FlexTEL enables you to focus on your business:

FlexTEL reduces risk:

FlexTEL reduces the burden to your budget: